A Pandemic of Irresponsibility

If you've read this blog before, you might be aware that personal responsibility is one of the primary features of its content. The words 'personal' and 'responsibility' when put together have political connotations that often turn people away from their user's message. They're words often met with sighs of, "ugh more conservative cliche's", but not enough people take these words seriously, and it shows. There is a lot of noise amid this Covid 19 pandemic relating to the messaging of government and health agencies being vague and inconsistent, that the government isn't doing enough to keep us safe, that isolation sucks and that there is too much misinformation in circulation.

First, to the vagaries and inconsistency in government and health agency messaging. Most of us learned in high school, and some carried on to apply it in university, that when reading to reference information in an assignment or an essay, the main idea of the text is best learned by being memorised and put into the readers own words. So, ignoring the minor details of the virus and consequent regulations, the main theme of government messaging can be interpreted as such: leave home as infrequently as possible and take all precautions available to you. Truth be told, it's frightening that such a simple concept is so hard for some to understand, and that is the reason for increased regulations. Basically, your health and safety and that of your family is your own responsibility. There is almost an audible noise in many communities saying, "the bloody government isn't doing its job, now we have to look after ourselves." Let me put it this way: you are the only one that can protect yourself from this virus. When the virus grows arms and legs and shows up at the border with guns saying, "I am the captain now", then is the time to call upon the government.

Now to the matter of government response. There is a fair and reasonable sentiment that Australia's borders should have been closed to all non-citizens immediately and that only citizens should re-enter the country without compromise. Fair enough, but imagine that you're someone who packed up your entire life and family, moved to Australia and became a permanent resident, but you took an overseas trip at the wrong time and now suddenly you're cut off from your home and possibly even your family. I for one would not be a happy chappy. If you (legally) call Australia home, it is your right to come home. There are also those in the community who have an attitude as if the government has failed them and now they must take care of themselves. That mindset is ridiculous in the extreme. The purview of government begins where you are absolutely and completely unable to take responsibilities upon yourself and in this case, most are well and truly able.

Then, there is the matter of isolation. The incessant complaining from people in isolation who otherwise would be complaining incessantly about their work is getting out of control. Some people don't like being cooped up, and fair enough. But, this is an opportunity to do what you always complain that you don't have time to do. Finish that book, mow the lawn, take an online course...the possibilities are endless. This must be taken as an opportunity to do something that a 40 hour work week wouldn't otherwise afford you the time to do.

And finally, the quality of information being circulated. Please, for your own safety, don't let that Wikipedia educated mum who sells essential oils and probably doesn't vaccinate her kids (everyone knows one) tell you 'facts' about anything, let alone this virus. Always substantiate the sources of your information and be sure that it comes from credible sources. We cannot afford to make decisions based on rumours and bad information at a time like this. Social media, unless it comes from official sources, is not a reliable place to get information. On that, politicians are probably the ones who receive the best information (believe it or not) because they have enormous teams of professionals on their payroll to give it to them.

So, with all that said, stay safe out there. At times like these, our families need us to be like a light house weathering the waves and lighting up the darkness - a pillar of strength, calm and refuge.

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