A Quick Key to Discipline

When I was a kid, motivational speakers and inspirational posters were still a thing. Now, conventional knowledge has moved on from trying to be motivated all the time and adopted discipline as the key to success. It's now accepted that waiting for motivation, inconsistent as it is, will not go as far as disciplined action despite lack of motivation, and rightly so.

But, discipline has proved just as hard to adopt and maintain.

Discipline comes easy to few. I especially do not have an easy time with it, and short of, "just do it", the people who practice it well never seem to be able to instruct others how to do the same. Recently though, completely by accident, I have managed to become more disciplined in an unintentional way.

I had been thinking about vision - my vision. For my career, my family, my relationships, for my life in general. As I thought, I wrote. When I was done writing, I had a tangible, achievable vision. One that I make no apology in saying is congruent with what I know to be God's purpose for my life. (Many will disagree with that kind of thinking, but in these times, a little bit of faith and hope can't hurt anyone.)

I have since found that any decision to be made, or action to be taken, is easier when weighed against that vision. Where vision takes you, prudence follows. Your actions in the present are disciplined by the vision you have for your future. Vision motivates discipline. It is just easier to have discipline in the present if it is conducive to a desired outcome in the future. That is true relationally, personally and professionally.

Because I now have a real tangible vision for the future, there is now meaning, a good reason to be disciplined and consider how the actions I am taking or decisions I am making will affect that vision.

So remember:



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