A Sovereign Man

"If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn't sit for a month."

I belong to an age group which loves to blame others for its problems. We condemn the government for low wages, we blame baby boomers for unaffordable housing, and we hold ourselves accountable for warm weather. Literally. But, our all-time favourite play in the blame game is to keep baby boomers liable for our inability to buy homes, all while sporting $50 haircuts, $200 shoes and using $3000 laptops to do so. Instead of valuable, we study to be merely qualified. Instead of thrift, we live for gratification. Instead of enterprising, we choose to be idle. And, we have the gall to demand that the consequences be remedied for us. The young Australian male too often thinks himself a victim of anything but his own decisions.

I hope with all sincerity that this finds its mark and there firmly plants itself: no one is responsible for your outcomes but you. The government will not make your life better (though it has a tremendous capacity to make it worse), the arbiters of wages will not make you more valuable, and the older generations took nothing from you. Your outcomes are at the sole discretion of your decisions. The moment that you make your life anyone else's charge is the moment you forfeit your sovereignty. When the people or institutions to which you hand over authority to make your experience better fail to achieve the desired results, handing over more power is not the answer; taking back your life, your sovereignty and powers of self-determination are the answer. You will never be better off as long as you rely on others to make it so.

Do not expect too much from the government. Government is essential, but what it decides should have little bearing on our lives besides allowing us more room to lay our own path. The best way to take the rarity that we call liberty for granted is to hand over responsibility for ourselves to anyone else. Too many wish they had the same kind of freedoms that we complacently enjoy to allow others to create our paths on our behalf. Whether you consider it a divine calling or natural ambition, our way is our own. Instead of waiting for conditions to turn in your favour, for someone to make the road smooth, take action. No one owes you anything, and no one will do it for you. It all comes down to you, and your sovereignty depends on it.

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