Predator by Nature

"Game butchery is as objectionable as any other form of wanton cruelty or barbarity; but to protest against all hunting of game is a sign of softness of head, not soundness of heart."

There are occasions when the thinking, the customs and the ideas of others seem completely and utterly foreign to our own. On those occasions it’s easy to fall into thinking, ‘if only they understood.’ Many times I have thought this when telling people that I hunt animals for food and many times they have thought it of me. Sometimes that information has been met with scoffs, sometimes dropped jaws, and once, it was even responded to with, '“that is foul.” Unfortunately, I cannot bring everyone around to my way of thinking but what others think of the way in which I fulfil my responsibility to provide for my household is of little consequence. As long as I am physically and legally able, I will continue to provide for my family by way of a rifle.

But it’s so easy to just go to the store.” Yes, it is…it’s too easy. My wife still does weekly grocery shopping, we’re not entirely off grid hillbillies. But there is a desire in every man to know if he is enough, if he measures up to the name, and going to the grocery store does not fulfil that desire. Toiling up a mountain with rifle in hand and returning with a bounty of fresh meat to a warm house and a proud wife… how it feels cannot be put into words for those who have never done it. We have the luxury of not needing to be some bearded brute upon whose efforts on the hunting trail the survival of our family depends. But there is a bearded brute inside of us nonetheless. The stigma unfortunately attached to hunting in Australia is partly inherited from the stigma against firearms. There is a sentiment that there is no ‘need’ to hunt in the present age, therefore, no ‘need’ to own firearms. I must have missed the point at which a free people were required to justify their prerogatives by need. I was however fully aware when people who neither own firearms nor have ever used them began to tell me how many or what kind I ought to be able to own. These are the same people who tell me I can’t be anti-abortion because I don’t have a uterus, so they largely discredit themselves and I need go no further.

Australia’s game animals are almost entirely introduced, meaning that a hunting-centric conservation model such as exists in the United States is unwanted, with the exception perhaps of game birds. But this does not mean that Australia does not have a robust hunting culture. We inherited some brilliant game species from Europe and Asia including Fallow and Sambar deer, Asiatic Water Buffalo and wild pigs. Almost everyone I knew growing up in rural Australia hunted in some form or another, whether for pests or for game. it was as normal as brushing your teeth. I remember shooting foxes from the front porch before school. Now, I often chase Fallow behind my house before church on Sunday mornings. I’m not sure how other people see game animals, but I see free range food. Many may never know the quality of the food that they are missing out on because they don’t hunt. More than that, they will never know the quality of life. I can’t even imagine raising my boys without the same joy that I had hunting rabbits, foxes and later deer with my dad.

No man can escape the fact that they come from a lineage of hunters. Human beings did not survive ice ages, droughts, and endless periods of war and famine on diets of tofu and beans. It is a line of thinking that discredits itself through which those evolutionists and naturalists who include humans within the spectrum of the animal kingdom, at the same time demand that humans oblige a moral law which dictates that we should not behave like the predatory animals they claim us to be. It is just an inescapable fact that human beings are wired to hunt. Although we can live on a vegetarian, or dare I even say, a vegan diet, in a sustainable way, although excepting certain medical circumstances it is not recommended. The recent story of a couple who left their toddler severely malnourished after feeding her a vegan diet should leave no doubt of it.

Depending on the state that you live in there are barriers of entry for those who wish to take up hunting, but anyone can do it. There are a huge amount of hunting communities on the internet, particularly social media, the members of which are only happy to bring new people into their pastime. The reward is well worth it.

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