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Feed the lamp of learning

If you have a love of deep learning, The Forge is the right place for you.

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improve your writing

Reading and taking notes naturally improves writing and vocabulary.

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read more than you thought possible

Finally get through the books you have always wanted to read.

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engage in enriching discussion

Expand the mind with new perspectives and insights from other members.

The Forge Bookclub is the online community of readers you have been looking for. Every month you will either receive the book of the month in the mail or buy it yourself as you go, depending on your subscription. 


Discussions will take place on The Forge platform which you will have immediate access to when you sign up. The platform has a bookshelf to buy books (if you don't opt for monthly delivery), discussion boards and many other resources including Forge notebooks available for purchase so you can take notes as you read.  

What you get:

  • Immediate access to the online community

  • FREE Forge notebook

  • Access to all books for single purchase or monthly delivery

  • Evergreen genre challenges - take your place on the leaderboard by participating in reading challenges.

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